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Sydney's Adventures

A Children's Book Series
celebrating bravery + adventure

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"The energy filled Sydney's heart with joy. This was going to be a real adventure."

Sydney is celebrating her seventh birthday at a baseball game with her grandparents!

She loves all the sights, sounds and sensations of the ballpark as it buzzes with excitement and adventure!

When Sydney needs to use the bathroom after the fourth inning, she decides to brave the trip on her own so her grandma can enjoy the game. She wants to prove just how grown up she really is.

But she soon realizes that her confident attempt has landed her in a sticky situation!

After finding herself lost and overwhelmed, she secures the help of two larger-than-life characters who help her navigate back to her seat and teach her how to be adventurous in a whole new way.

Join Sydney on an adventure of a lifetime as she learns what it really means to be brave.

Peek Inside Book 1:
Seventh Inning Birthday

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Sydney's Adventures - Book Interior 2.png

"Being brave doesn't mean not being afraid. Being brave means doing something even though you are scared."

The second installment of the "Sydney's Adventures" series celebrates bravery and friendship in an encouraging way.


Join Sydney and her family on a vacation, where an unexpected twist leaves her feeling less than thrilled about the trip. As she struggles with the challenge of accepting the chosen destination, Sydney discovers the power of changing her perspective to embrace the joy hidden within the cruise.


The adventure unfolds as Sydney encounters a giant water slide on the ship, triggering a wave of fear. Soon after, Sydney meets a girl in the Kid's Club and has to navigate the feelings of hurt after a misunderstanding.


Experience Sydney's journey as she learns the valuable lesson of "Remembering The Fruit." Will Sydney overcome her fear of the slide, and who will stand by her side during this thrilling endeavor? Dive into this heartwarming story that celebrates courage, friendship, and the joy that lies beneath every adventure!

Peek Inside Book 2:

Sliding Into Summer

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The storyline of this book is highly relatable, especially for adventurous children or those that want to be brave. It helps children understand that being brave does not require putting themselves in a dangerous situations. The illustrations make it fun for children to follow along, engages, and ask questions. This book is perfect for the whole family and teaches children that there are heroes and helpers everywhere. It’s okay to be brave- but you ou don’t have to do so alone.

Jessyka M, Montana

Don't stop the fun with the book...
Keep the adventure + connection going with Sydney's Freebies!

Freebies include:

-Printable Coloring Pages

-15 Deep Dive Questions to ask your kids

-10 Fun + Easy Family Activities with a TWIST

-SO much more!

Grab a signed copy today!


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Author Stephanie Diehl

Stephanie Diehl Author Pic.jpeg

Stephanie Diehl is a biological and foster/adoptive mom of two, wife of ten years, business owner,

blogger and podcaster. Her and her family enjoy living on a quiet three acres in the California country,

where her and her husband also own and manage a health center and AirBNB.


After writing for a mom blog in Sonoma County, she has ventured into writing a blog of her own,

where she features inspirational lifestyle content and the Brave Babes Podcast.


Faith is central to Stephanie’s life, which is why she spends her time encouraging mamas and

business owners to live out their God-given gifts no matter what season of life they find themselves in.


She hopes that, with this children’s book series, moms and their kids are inspired to

live brave by discovering that adventure is always around us.

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