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Sydney's Adventures: Seventh Inning Birthday (HARDBACK)

Sydney's Adventures: Seventh Inning Birthday (HARDBACK)


Book Summary:


Sydney is celebrating her seventh birthday at a baseball game with her grandparents!

She loves all the sights, sounds and sensations of the ballpark as it buzzes with excitement and adventure!

When Sydney needs to use the bathroom after the fourth inning, she decides to brave the trip on her own so her grandma can enjoy the game. She wants to prove just how grown up she really is.

But she soon realizes that her confident attempt has landed her in a sticky situation!
After finding herself lost and overwhelmed, she secures the help of two larger-than-life characters who help her navigate back to her seat and teach her how to be adventurous in a whole new way.

Join Sydney on an adventure of a lifetime as she learns what it really means to be brave.

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