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I'm a wife and mama in love with Jesus and caffeine.

Wait, let me start with my name first: Stephanie.

I go by Steph and have no middle name. But I’m mostly called babe or mama. ⠀

I am a Jesus follower, I wake up early to read my Bible, and am a youth leader at my incredible church.

I also love binge watching Netflix, am an Amazon Prime victim, a lover of chocolate, and I used to play poker all the time.

I’m the baby of the my older siblings, the only child of my mom and dad, and the oldest of my dad and step mom. Take your time with that.

I dreamed of being a mother of 4, but God blessed me with one incredible bio daughter and we adopted our son through foster care in December of 2021!

I laugh at my own jokes, rewatch my own Instagram stories, and think I’m way cooler than I really am.

I married the man of my dreams and he pushes me constantly to be the best version of myself. (Like start this blog and publish my book!)

I love my Bible (did I already say that?!), podcasts, smoothies, weights + running, and Instagram all at the same time.

I don’t drink but I’m still a good time.

I love to workout but don’t think it’s the most important thing anymore.

When my kid sings, I cry every time.

I dislike gardening but love flowers and I want to be more girly but rather wear comfy clothes.

I’m Mexican and El Salvadoran and my daughter has big blue eyes.

And it's a total God thing that my son does too.

I just want to add things to my life, even though I dream of minimalism.

I want more joy, more growth, more presence, more purpose, more love, and most definitely more laughter.

I want to be a gypsy but also want to change the world.

I choose to dream big embarrassing dreams.

One of my greatest strengths is a solid morning routine and I'd love to help you create your own...(see below)

Welcome to Living Brave!

I pray that it will encourage you, inspire you to live your best life, and make you laugh all at the same time. 


Your new BFF Steph

Want a faith-filled morning routine, friend?

Download my free guide that includes worksheets, checklists, and encouragement to help you know the how to's and why's behind creating a positive and solid routine. It'll help you put God first and create a calmer, more enjoyable day. (Don't we all need more of that?!)

Ps. It doesn't involve waking up at the crack of dawn- you create your own REALISTIC routine with some guidance and help.

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