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Time Does Not Heal

How God Helped Me Grieve My Mother

I wrote these words in 2017, and released this Ebook in 2020. Seems insane that it took me so long to share these letters strung together, but I trust that God worked His grace then, and is continuing to freely give it now.


These words, feelings, thoughts, and actions were not easy to release. And maybe that's why it took so long for me to do this. But like any and all my writings, I pray that this short book brings you hope.


Hope in healing, in forgiveness, and in unconditional love. Time never healed me, God continues to...

"She chose to allow the demons in her life to take her away from her four children. And I realize now, that I resent her for that. How could she not choose her children over whatever battles were happening inside her? How could she not put us first? I subconsciously vowed that I would never allow that to happen to me and my daughter.


That vow made me become a woman that needed to control situations, obsess and hover over her daughter, manipulate feelings and people so that “everything would be ok”. Because in MY control nothing could go wrong."

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