How To Be More Present This Holiday

Being present where you are is truly a gift. I know, I know that was a super cheesy way to start this post but sometimes the truth is like that: cringe worthy and funny.

The gift of presence is something we all want and crave. The world is full of distractions, chaos, and fillers..but what is needed is connection, warmth, and love.

In motherhood there's always a spinning plate in the air, or multiple, and as a mama I know that being a more present person is a huge priority for me. Not just because the holidays have arrived, but for always.

Life is short, and I don't want it to speed by in a blur. Instead, knowing it will speed by, I want to enjoy the moments that are given to me. So, I'm sharing three ways to become more present this holiday. And hey, if you want to practice them and wrap yourself in a bow and say your the all means take a photo and tag me on social media!

3 Ways To Become More Present:

1. Imagine being on the other side: Honestly, I HIGHLY dislike when someone is on their phone and we are having a conversation. BUT…I have been that person too! SMH

So, way number 1 to be more present: Don't be that guy or gal...