How to batch work + why you should try it!

Let’s just save time and cut to the chase:

Batch working is focused and specific forms of work. It’s dividing your time, mental space, and priorities away from multitasking and into working one task at a time. Our attention span only lasts so long before we start to wonder off, mentally and physically. So creating a plan to work in increments is crucial to get more done, efficiently.

Batch working is a buzz word in the content creating world, because it works! Content creators write out their priorities for the week, schedule what's more important, and divide the work into specific times and days. Their thoughts and ideas go from their heads and onto paper. Dividing and conquering one thing at a time.

This plan could look something like this:

Monday- brain dump ideas onto paper, make a list of what needs to be done vs what is a want to be done, prioritize list, schedule what days of week it will get done

Tuesday- create and save posts for social media

Wednesday-write 3 blog posts

Thursday- brainstorm and outline 2 podcasts

Friday- Send out newsletter and blog post

Saturday- Record 2 podcasts

This is obviously just an example, but you can see the specifics of each day. So this batch work allows the creator to give their attention and creative