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Exercise Snacking

Have you ever heard of exercise snacking? If you're like me, you're thinking "what in the world is that?' OR you're ready to jump on this exercise + snacking world and you're a bit upset you didn't hear about this new trend earlier!

Exercise snacking IS amazing but no, it’s not snacking while you exercise (even though I thought that too!) It’s a concept that will have you change your whole perspective on the excuse of not having enough time, and allow you to bring consistent movement in your life. Let’s dig in. #snackpun

We are all adults here and we KNOW what’s best for us. Drink water, move your body, blah blah blah.. But that knowledge is NOT power if it's not put into practice. We know we will feel better if we drink water and move our bodies, but we don’t do it consistently. Why? Time. If that's you, because that is now me too, let exercise snacking become your new bff.

Exercise snacking is bringing movement/workouts into your day in spurts. Got 10 minutes to go on a walk? Do it! Found 15 minutes between zoom calls? Search YouTube for a free back and biceps workout. Have another 15 minutes for a quick body weight workout in your living room? Awesome, get her done!

Science has proven that movement on the DAILY is beneficial for mental and physical health. And I’ll say it again, the number one excuse I’ve heard is “I have no time!” Girlfriend, how long do you scroll on your phone all day? (Mic drop) Exercise snacking is for you!

Let me put it this way, I used to be an hour + gym rat pre-pandemic, pre-baby. Now I exercise snack. 20 minute run here, 15 minute dumbbell workout there, 30 minute walk...I fit it in where I can get it in. Sometimes it’s three snacks a day and sometimes I only can get one in. Remember rhythm and not strict routine? Exercise snacking is a great RHYTHM.

Are my bursts of exercise snacks the same as my long gym sessions? No, but the mental and physical benefits are. My body has maintained and I am overjoyed with the mental clarity it gives me. I am more intentional with my time now, because I have to be. The bursts give me the movement I know my body and mind needs. And although my workout look different, at least they are still existent.

So if you are like me and simply can NOT fit an hour workout into your day, exercise snack! Google it if you still don’t believe it’s a thing.

Trust me, if I can find joy in my new snacking habits, so can you. The benefits will be worth it, and you will crave to find those 10 minute moments more and more.


I keep dumbbells in my garage. So when I know baby is down for a nap or he’s sitting cozy in his swing- they are close by to grab them and do what I can.

My treadmill is also in my garage, but outdoors is just as great! My baby lives in his backpack and he LOVES our walks. Win win for us.

Have a program you're already committed to? You can exercise snack that too. Just do the program in sections. 40 minute video? Do 20 minutes here and 20 minutes there. You get the picture.

YouTube is free and there’s million of videos. If that option is too overwhelming, my friend is a health coach and she has a library of excellent programs. I exercise snack those all the time! And I can totally give you her deets.

The thing I love about this approach the most? You can NOT do it perfectly. You just do what you can with what you have. Equipment wise and time wise. It’s a loose but effective approach to daily movement and it’s exactly what keeps me sane with baby and a homeschooling 8 year old.

Besides, our bodies were created for small spurts of energy. Remember when we used o have to fight off danger and hunt for food! We weren’t meant to deplete all our energy at once! I know as a mama this approach helps me a ton with my 3pm slumps. I hope this works for you too!

Have any questions? Let me know in the comments below!


Your snacker friend!


A quick snack run while baby swings to his hearts desire!

(Which is about 10 minutes lol)


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