Be Strong and Courageous

You wouldn’t believe me when I say that I’ve been a scaredy cat all my life. I’m a hard core rule follower, I never walked on the monkey bars (Hello, they’re for your hands), and I cried when my sister made me go on rollercoaster rides. I never wanted to sky dive, ride a plane, or go too high on the swings. I played it safe and I liked it there.

But then one Disneyland trip, when my daughter was 3, I had the time of my life!

I rode all the rides, even the loopy rollercoasters, and I couldn’t have cried harder from laughter. One ride, I laughed so hard I thought my Invisalign was going to pop out. It was the best.

I realized on that trip that I was missing out on life and the joy it could bring by playing it too safe. I had missed out on laughter by sitting on the sidelines and allowing fear to keep my feet glued to the ground.

I didn’t know it then, but that trip started a domino effect of thrill rides and adventures to come.

It opened my eyes to what being brave could do vs what being scared was doing.

It’s not that rollercoasters help you become the person you were meant to, it’s the act of challenging the fear that would normally keep you down, and going forward anyway that does.