Do Something Amazing Today

When we were decorating our Cryotherapy business 4 years ago, I came across this cute sign that said, “Do something amazing today” and I knew I needed it for the shop.

I wanted people that had never done that type of therapy to know and feel like they were doing something amazing. That this one moment in their day, to take care of themselves, was enough. That a little motivational sign could be accomplished by the sole fact that you were reading it while you were doing something new. Getting out of your comfort zone and literally doing something amazing. Almost like a check box was already marked by reading the sign and doing what you were doing! Check and check.

I still love that sign. 4 years and 3 locations later. That signs holds more weight than just a cute motivational quote now. It holds history. And what I have realized, is that people don’t think they can do something amazing daily. That amazing is categorized with extreme and audacious. And that is simply not true.

You, my friend, can do something amazing right now. (Well after you finish reading this) You can do something amazing on the daily. Something to get out of your comfort zone, something meaningful that isn’t extreme or audacious, or only reserved for the elite.

Amazing, like anything else in life, looks different for everybody. Your amazing and my amazing may never match. Just like your brave and my brave may never be the same.

Just like comfort zones look and feel different for every one. Your zone could be a square and mine could be a triangle.