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The truth about being brave.

We see bravery and we applaud it. At least we can only cheer on the bravery we get to see. ⠀

The friend that starts a new business, when someone runs a marathon, a graduation, and so many more accolades. ⠀

But there’s bravery we don’t see all around us. The brave that comes from trying again after a miscarriage, the brave that keeps a women calm when her husband works grave shifts, the brave that has you speak up when all you want to do is stay silent, the brave that has a husband tell his wife he’s made a mistake. ⠀

Bravery and courage comes in all shades. And I’m sad to admit that I used to only see bravery as those big accomplishments. The ones I got to applaud and admire. ⠀

But that’s not the only form of bravery. I have discovered and admired so much more bravery around me once God began to soften my hard heart. ⠀

Brave is saying you’re wrong. ⠀

Brave is slowing down. ⠀

Brave is forgiveness.⠀

Brave is accepting what’s been dealt to you. ⠀

Brave is staying together when others would run away. ⠀

Brave is choosing the road less traveled. ⠀

Brave is single mothers.⠀

Brave is a full family. ⠀

Brave is honesty. ⠀

Brave is surrender. ⠀

Brave is (fill in the blank).⠀

We are all brave in one way or another. ⠀

We could also all be more brave, that’s for sure. ⠀

But it’s not until you know where the Source of that bravery comes from, that the true transformation happens.

I know I must run toward God, over and over and over again, to gain the bravery I need in everyday life. ⠀

That’s living brave. Knowing Who to tap into for the kind of brave you need then and there.

At first I thought living brave meant to go after your dreams. To achieve your goals and strive to conquer the desires of your heart.

For some that could still be true. But I’m learning that there’s more bravery in obeying than overachieving.

I’m learning that ending success in the world to follow God‘s plan for your life, takes more bravery than I could imagine.

Living Brave to me now is being still, listening, and following through with His promises, no matter how big or small. Even though they are not what I thought they would be, and what I had planned for myself.

Living brave means living with complete trust in your Creator. Trust that He has you, His plans are better than you could ever imagine, and He is working all things out for the good and His glory.

And although I didn’t see it before, I’m grateful I see brave for what it truly is now. ⠀

So today, and everyday, be brave. ⠀

Run towards YOUR brave. And live confidently in it, because you know where it comes from.


“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.”

‭‭Joshua‬ ‭1:9‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

Where ever you go. That’s why there’s no need for fear or to be dismayed, because God is and will be with you. He makes us brave. He gives us courage. So why would we not pursue the good things He has planned? ❤️


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