The truth about being brave.

We see bravery and we applaud it. At least we can only cheer on the bravery we get to see. ⠀

The friend that starts a new business, when someone runs a marathon, a graduation, and so many more accolades. ⠀

But there’s bravery we don’t see all around us. The brave that comes from trying again after a miscarriage, the brave that keeps a women calm when her husband works grave shifts, the brave that has you speak up when all you want to do is stay silent, the brave that has a husband tell his wife he’s made a mistake. ⠀

Bravery and courage comes in all shades. And I’m sad to admit that I used to only see bravery as those big accomplishments. The ones I got to applaud and admire. ⠀

But that’s not the only form of bravery. I have discovered and admired so much more bravery around me once God began to soften my hard heart. ⠀

Brave is saying you’re wrong. ⠀

Brave is slowing down. ⠀

Brave is forgiveness.⠀

Brave is accepting what’s been dealt to you. ⠀

Brave is staying together when others would run away. ⠀

Brave is choosing the road less traveled. ⠀

Brave is single mothers.⠀