Fighting the Cycles of Sabotage

We all do it. We run back to the familiar even if it’s negative. We run back to old habits and patterns. And to be real, we are all sick and tired of running around in circles of the same cycle.

Ugh. Cycles of self sabotage are so discouraging but I’m here to say it again..we all do it. You are not alone.

How do I know? Because no one is perfect and we all crave certainty even to the depths of staying stuck in said cycles.

Before we get to the how to of jumping off the hamster wheel, let’s talk about the now.

You are in a Cycle of Sabotage if you say yes to any of these:

The first step to getting off the wheel is to know that you MUST find the root cause of the cycle.

Binging on junk food isn’t your cycle...there’s another reason (root cause) as to WHY you run to food to numb your feelings or anxiety.