The Surprise In Your Delay + Who Caused It

This weeks podcast episode was all about the construction zones of life and the lessons we can learn from them. The episode even had natural sounds of construction, since there was a crew of men on my roof putting on solar. (True story)

But this past Monday, as I went on our routine grocery store errand, (an hour away from home) I got stopped by FOUR construction sites.

Yes, four. The delay signs, detour signs, and be prepared to stop signs were EVERYWHERE. I have never seen so many in one day!

By the time we made it to Costco, and I saw the orange tape, dust, and dozers, I literally laughed out loud. And then we took a selfie outside of the construction zone for another giggle. (picture below)

What was God trying to show me or tell me?

As I spoke to Him and myself, I came to this conclusion:

I was blaming the delays in my life on God and “His timing” and in reality it was me who was willingly strapping on the neon-orange vest and tightening the bright yellow hard hat.

This revelation surprised me. I was the one causing the delay? Unfortunately, yes.