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I wanted to quit, instead of asking for help.

I looked at my husband the other day and said: “I just wanna quit.”

It kinda shocked me that those words came out of my mouth after years of writing, blogging, publishing- really, years of blood, sweat, and tears. I also knew that the second those words came out, it wasn't an option, I was simply just frustrated.

Frustrated that the relationship with my publisher didn't work out. Frustrated that my dream-come-true of publishing a bestseller was now taken down. Frustrated that I had to self-publish after spending thousands of dollars on said publisher. Frustrated that on my own, my book cover got denied again trying to self-publish. Frustrated that I didn't know what I was doing or doing wrong.

My husband looked at me and told me: “Just pay someone to do the cover for you.”

What? Ask for help? Spend more money and hire someone to fix my cover for me? The thought never even crossed my mind because I was determined to “do it myself.” Isn't that what self-publishing was all about, anyway?

Well, I shallowed my pride and asked for help. 'Shallow pride' might sound dramatic, but I realized that's what I was holding onto. The “do it myself” mentality was keeping me stuck, frustrated, and wanting to quit.

After letting go and asking for help- I got a handful of people reaching out asking what I needed from family, friends, and strangers on the internet.

I ended up getting a cover designer for a whopping $36. Yes, $36 is what I paid for someone to fix my mistakes (that I didn't know I was making) and now I get to turn in something professional and to the standard it needs to be- AND keep my hair instead of pulling it out.

Friend, all this to ask: What are you missing out on by staying silent?

What are you missing out on by holding onto pride and the “do it myself” mentality?

It could be as small as asking a friend for help with your kids.

Asking for help with a resume.

Or asking for help with *fill in the blank”

We ALL need help.

What I'm learning is that the connections that come from asking, are well worth the swallowed pride. I now get to turn my cover in. I am now ONE STEP closer to self-publishing. I'm now one step closer to getting my book back in children's hands. And that, that's worth every hard “Can you help me?” that I can say.

What do you need help with?

What can you ask for?

Who can you ask?

You'll never know what God has in store if you don't ASK. Trust God's timeline and His plan, don't quit before you get to live out what He has in store for you.

I'm here if you need a sounding board.

I'm here if you need a loving kick in the pants, too.

I'm here if you need prayer.

Just comment on this blog or reach out at, I'd love to help in any way I can.

Remember: Quitting is never the answer. Time and God are on your side.


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Love this Stephanie it encourages me to just ask for help❤️

Stephanie Diehl
Stephanie Diehl
Jul 28, 2023
Replying to

Thank you!! So glad ♥️

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