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From business owner to freedom

I didn't know what to write as a title for this blog. "From business owner to freedom" may sound strange, because usually owning your own business is associated with freedom. But if you've never owned your own business, you wouldn't know that that's further from the truth. Have you ever heard the joke: "I quit my 9 to 5 to work for myself, so now I work 24/7." That describes it perfectly. That statement is as true as the gospel.

It’s been 3 months since my husband Jakob sold his business and I haven’t had the right words to say about it all. My mind is still blown that after 13 years of owning brick and mortar businesses, we simply don't. And although my emotions are still jumbled, here are a few things that I know and I'd like to share at this time stamp of life:

I’m so incredibly proud of my husband. He has owned and sold two successful businesses. And although those that know us see the outside workings, I see the day to day grind and passion. The blood, sweat, and tears that he poured in.

It took a longer time than we wanted to sell the last business and it wasn’t easy to wait, but God held us there for a purpose and our trust in Him grew through the 2 years of horrid uncertainty. (God proved to us-yet again-that His timing is perfect and ways are better)

In 13 years, we have never not owned a brick and mortar business or not had employees, and this transition is weird to say the least. But somehow my husband is busier now more than ever and we’re adjusting to this new season.

I couldn’t be more grateful for what Jakob has accomplished, but the stories of the people he touched will always outweigh the achievements. If you know how bold he is, then you know he doesn’t mess around when he hears God tell him to do something- even as simple as praying for a client. And I believe that's why we had to wait two years, God wasn't done with Jakob in Napa quite yet.

What I’ve learned the most from all the endeavors we’ve done is that they all mean so much. They all taught us something new. They brought us to people, places, and levels that we never thought possible. They placed us here, and here is exactly where God wants us to be.

Owning a business is HARD. Like, really hard. But we wouldn’t trade those 13 years for anything.

But if I’m being honest, I am soooo grateful my husband is home. The memories we’ve made already and the ones we have planned (because we could never leave for more than a few days) just fill me with JOY. And although now I'm the one with a corporate job, I know this is season will be one to remember.

The moral of the story is:

Chasing your dreams is always worth it, but following where God leads is even better- even through the uncertain seasons. We followed the call to quit our jobs and open a coffee shop. We followed the nudge to sell and open a wellness center. We followed the nudge to sell and bring Jakob home. And if you're wondering what's next for the crazy Diehls, know that we are wondering (and praying on) the same notion.

We don’t know where God is leading us to but we’re so ready and open to whatever it may be.

How about you, friend? Have you pursued the hard? Have you been bold in decisions of uncertainty? Will you fly knowing God has your back? I pray you do- because the process always outweighs the finish line.


Just for fun, here we are in 2010 when we first opened our coffee shop to 2023 when it was Jakob's last day at our wellness center. Yes, that's white tee shirts we are wearing in a coffee shop- we learned a lot since those days! Th last picture is our first trip away after the sale in Lake Tahoe. #freedom


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