Waiting in the waiting..

I don’t like being late, I dislike getting ready and waiting on others, and I’m impatient if I’m not qualified to drive in the carpool lane. Now that we got that out of the way, you can see that waiting is clearly not my style. I am a go getter by nature and as an Enneagram 3, accomplishing goals brings me life.

So, as a waiting foster mom, I feel like I’m pregnant without the positive test or the expected due date. Let me tell you now that everything about becoming a foster parent is a rollercoaster ride, and we haven't even had a baby in our arms yet. 

Let me explain..

I’m waiting for a child to take care of during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. I’m basically waiting in a waiting period. And it’s funny that God has me here, because He knows waiting makes me uncomfortable. Like really irritable and grouchy.  I know that He is testing me. Testing my patience, my faith, my controlling tendencies, my focus, my contentment because in this very situation there is LITERALLY nothing I can do but wait.

I am not pregnant with a due date, I have no idea what size the baby is compared to a fruit or a vegetable, and there is nothing I can do to make the fostering process move forward any faster. We are already certified, and the baby’s room is all set up-with decor, diapers, and daydreams. So I am waiting. Correction, we as a family are waiting. Waiting for the call. Waiting to see how it comes about and what happens when it does. I am waiting and I am praying, and that’s all there’s left to do.

Being a waiting foster parent is the strangest thing. I am praying for a baby to enter our home so that we can take care of it, show it love, and give it hope and structure. But for us to have a baby to love on, that means that a birth family must go through something unspeakable to have their baby placed in my arms. See, it’s a weird prayer and a weird situation. Of course I don’t want bad things to happen in the world or to children, that’s why we became a foster family, but we know that it will happen anyway. So my prayers are for the hearts of the family, the well being of the birth parents and child, the situation to not be too traumatic, and for us to be prepared for whatever may come our way.