Treadmill talks with God

One thing I absolutely love about walking and reading on a treadmill is that it allows you to do two things at once. ⁣

Three things actually. ⁣

I also think a lot, like we all do. We all have a million thoughts sprinting across our minds at any given time. But as I walked last night with no particular place to go, I read a book, and I imagined and dreamed, and talked to God about all the doodles of words swirling in my head. ⁣

I was talking about how I was (not)surprised when Pastor began to speak about listening to God’s voice at church. And how I knew I was hearing His voice on that treadmill even as I was multitasking.

You see, that was one of the major things I needed when I began my walk with God. I needed with all I had, to hear His voice. And I absolutely loved the huge demonstration Pastor gave on this very subject during his sermon. I just love visuals.

Years ago, I learned quickly that in order to hear God speak to me, I needed to be aware, I needed to shut up, and I needed to actually open my ears in order to hear Him. He spoke to me through songs, other people, and sermons at the time. But once I began to listen for His voice (not audibly but noticeably His nonetheless) is when my faith grew deeper and my walk (with Him and not my treadmill) grew stronger. ⁣

You see, He still speaks to me through people, like someone I rarely talk to messaging me a verse I JUST read that morning. Or someone telling me they dreamt the strangest dream about me and had to share. ⁣

I still hear Him through songs because He downloads words for me to write down through them. ⁣