The letter that jumpstarted our foster journey

We are a certified foster to adopt family. It has been a journey of over 3 years. But after those years consisted a yo-yo of decision making, I had come to the conclusion that we needed to either go all in or end the discussion completely. My mama heart could no longer take the in-between. So after a run, I wrote this letter and sent it to my husband. If you ever wanted to know what my mind was thinking with this out-of-the-world decision, you’ll read it here. 

Dear Jake,

Yesterday at church I was so emotional during worship because God has blessed us in so many ways. I wasn’t asking Him for anything, I wasn’t sad, I was just overwhelmed by His goodness in our lives. Individually, and as a family. I see our growth and I feel it. In you, me, and Reylin. It’s an all consuming gratitude. One I always want to praise Him for, always.

What did you say about the worship? That He gripped me more during the second service. That's a good word: gripped. I feel like He has been gripping us all along and now more than ever I feel HIs grip. His grip to prioritize and write. His grip in my ministry at home and being a better helper to you. His grip on being a mother and doing my best to be an optimum example for our daughter. His grip towards our ministry at church and in youth. How He is growing us, stretching us, and expecting more from us because He made us capable. 

One grip that just won’t let go is the grip of adoption. And hearing you speak about it so openly and simply to others is heart swelling. Even if we haven't dove deep, even though it’s just a thought still, hearing you tell others that we are thinking about it makes me happy. 

Now, let me rewind a bit before you need to do some deep breathing.