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"Something to Read" Gift Guide

We have all heard it, the saying that describes how we should give to our kids during the holiday season. The saying (and principal) goes like this:

Give them something they need, something they want, and something to read.

Whoever came up with that one... good job.

I cannot help you with the need or want part (I'm not Santa) BUT I can help you with the something to read third of that pie.

Here are 13 incredibly fun, incredibly inclusive, and incredibly enjoyable books for your kids to love and for you to connect to them with.

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Meet Addie!—A very special kid, with many characteristics that make her particularly unique. No matter what, Addie is always ready for an adventure—especially when she gets to discover what makes others different too. Follow along with Addie on her trip to the Zoo, where she meets amazing animal friends and learns about their many disabilities. In this ultra-inclusive series, author Stephanie Wolfe, with the help of her daughter, Addie, aims to help parents open the door to conversations with their children about disabilities. By normalizing the ability for kids to explore their curiosity and ask kind questions about people they don’t understand, they believe the world will be a less divided place.


Come in, Come in! is a children's picture book that captures a young child and their dream of a world in which everyone is welcome just as they are. In this world, absolutely anything is possible, and you will meet a cast of characters you are certain never to forget-elephant clouds, yogi giraffes, giggling moons, dancing tricycles, pirouetting porcupines, hiccuping hyenas, starfish wishes and more! Written by #1 bestselling children's book author, Roger Hutchison, and illustrated by award-winning illustrator, Nicky Mills, Come in, Come in! is certain to please readers & dreamers both young and old with its uniquely compelling universe and profound words meant to showcase the possibility of a world in which we all accept each other for exactly who we are.


Greg is endlessly JOLLY and EXCEEDINGLY cool…and one of the most popular guys in school. On the day he turns from 9 to 10 he throws a party for the ages and receives a present that changes everything—a phone that can do absolutely anything. By the time summer ends and school rolls around, everyone in school has a phone too…and soon, the impacts creep in everywhere. An absolute joy to read, Cool Jolly Greg is a funny, vibrant story for all school-age children about the importance of personal connection, play, and presence in the moment.


Jo, Marty & Flynn are a trio of airport-dwelling flies who love to travel!

Determined to discover new people, places, languages and foods, they board commercial flights bound for international destinations and grand adventures.

Aimed at introducing children to globe-trotting at a young age, the Frequent Flyers(R) series teaches kids to be confident in travel, welcome foreign cultures, and learn from their experiences.

In Volume 2, the trio travels to NEW YORK, New York where they meet new friends, eat 'pizza pie', learn about the history of Ellis Island, visit the Statue of Liberty, start in a Broadway show, and more!

Watch your child's wanderlust grow as they follow Jo, Marty & Flynn on experiences of a lifetime!


Josie was stuck at home and bored. School had ended and friends couldn't come over to play.

Her calendar was empty, so she had to entertain herself.

At first it was fine keeping busy. But after weeks of playing on her own, Josie was lonely.

Then, finally, her mom gave her the good news she'd been waiting for! School was back open and Josie would be able to play with her friends!

Josie didn't waste any time making plans. She filled her calendar with play dates and activities. But, after diving back in, she starts to feel tired and restless. Her tummy is in knots.

Why is she so anxious?

After quietly considering her feelings, she decides to trust her instincts and settle her nerves by taking some extra time for herself among all her other activities.

It turns out, spending so much time alone had given her the gift of being a really good friend to herself. And she wants to honor that from now on!


Sugar the cat had a very nice life. She lived in a nice house with a nice family. She loved her routine; spending time with and without her family as they came and went during the day.

Until they came home...and stayed.

Her family was everywhere all the time. Everything had changed, and she was angry that she couldn't keep her routine!

Until one day, the boy took her to his zoom class for show and tell. Suddenly, she was able to learn and see the world through the magic rectangle.

Join Sugar as she learns to overcome a challenging situation and find opportunities for growth!

Perfect for all young readers and their teachers! Especially those still doing virtual school, or those who have just gone back in person.


We all need a little help sometimes. But help is hard to ask for-especially when you are a mom. Mother Mule loves her family. Daddy Mule, Brother Mule and Baby Mule rely on her for so much. She spends her days tending to their needs and carrying their belongings in her pack, making sure to always have everything they need on-hand. Mother Mule is tired, and her load is heavy. One day, while running errands, she happens upon a glimmering pool of water that contains all the magic she needs to help lighten her load. Mother Mule is a playful, mesmerizing story about a well-meaning mother who learns to ask for help... and all the good that comes to those we love when we open our hearts to a little magic.


Not So Different is a picture book encouraging young children to embrace their differences and celebrate diversity. A fun rhythmic read, it can be used as a tool to start necessary conversations with our babies about differences in the world. Inspired by her interracial marriage and biracial children, Cyana hopes to help create a world in which children are able to engage in difficult conversations and learn from each other in a positive way. The illustrations provide clear imagery of the many ways we are different, while also recognizing the ways we are the same. With this book, Cyana hopes to help children realize that their individual characteristics are the very things that makes them special and unique. She intends to normalize talking to our children about diversity and race in a positive way…and celebrating our unique qualities by embracing them.


Randall the Blue Spider loves the ocean and the waves that go crash.

Today, he wants to enter the surfing competition to win an ice cream prize. But he is nervous that he might fall in front of all the eyes watching him.

With the help of his friend, Chester the Caterpillar, Randall learns how to cope with these difficult feelings and take his chances at winning!


A children's book that inspires all of us to see unconventional families for all their beauty.

In this simple, heartwarming story, a single mother and her son lovingly share a routine, experiences, and a practice in kindness towards others.

Their life is not perfect, but they always find a way to seek small joys and comfort where they can.


Sydney is celebrating her seventh birthday at a baseball game with her grandparents! She loves all the sights, sounds and sensations of the ballpark as it buzzes with excitement and adventure! When Sydney needs to use the bathroom after the fourth inning, she decides to brave the trip on her own so her grandma can enjoy the game. She wants to prove just how grown up she really is. But she soon realizes that her confident attempt has landed her in a sticky situation! After finding herself lost and overwhelmed, she secures the help of two larger-than-life characters who help her navigate back to her seat and teach her how to be adventurous in a whole new way. Join Sydney on an adventure of a lifetime as she learns what it really means to be brave.


Each with their own personality and own story to tell, these Ten Little Unicorns are a real herd of ten American Miniature Horses living in Katy, TX where they teach leadership, confidence building, and compassion to children of all ages an abilities.

At no more than 34 inches tall, American Miniature Horses are highly intelligent and packed with personality.

Once a year, in ft. Worth, Texas, “Minis”, including this herd, travel from far and wide come to compete at the American Miniature Horse Association World Championship Show, where they show off their talents in carriage driving, halter obstacles, costumes and more!

In this book, watch this group of costume-wearing miniatures come together over time to form their unique and compelling herd.


The simple act of smiling has been shown to boost chemicals in our brains that produce positive emotions. Studies have found that, even when you are having a bad day, arranging your face into a smile can help you feel better immediately.

Where is Your Smile? is a fun, interactive book for babies that helps them connect, explore and find smiles together with their parents.

Teaching babies about the positive power of smiling can encourage them to lead happy and fulfilling days full of well-being and self-confidence.

Help your baby practice finding their own smile as they search for smiles on each pages of this playful, whimsical picture book.


I hope you've found one or three you like!

And that you're "Something To Read" gifts are taken care of!

All of these books were published by East26th Publishing.

Happy Reading!


Stephanie Diehl


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