Mrs. Betterhalf

3 years ago I walked into a church with an unexplainable curiosity. I had no idea that by walking into that building, God would become my saving Grace merely one month later.

That the curiosity I held months and months prior, had lead me to church right before I needed Him most. God knew it all, obviously, but I had no clue what was coming, what He was preparing me for.

Today, I’ll walk into church leading a life group for a wife study. A study that focuses on becoming the wife God created you to be. This will be my first life group, and I am at awe by God's workings. And although those two stories don’t seem related on the surface, I promise you they should not be said one after another, if you knew the half of it.

You see my marriage is my testimony.

My marriage is what brought me to Christ.

That saving Grace I needed only a month after my walk into a church, was the answer to a prayer I did not know I would need one day.

And I smile as I prepare for this life group because, if my marriage is not evident of God’s divinity, I don’t know what could show Him more.

He saved me 3 years ago and continues to rescue me everyday.