Give Your Gift Away

“He dictated all these words to me, while I wrote them with ink on the scroll.”

Jeremiah 36:18

My writers heart explodes when God talks about writing on tablets, writing in scrolls, writing His words down to remember and to tell and show future generations.

I just revel in those verses and moments documented in Scripture.

As a writer, I know my God given gift is to share His word and His stories. I know how much passing down the stories of His goodness, His justice, His mercy and grace is important to Him.

I don’t take that lightly. And even though I have yet to write my book, I write everyday. Whether it’s writing out what I learned that day about God in my Living Brave Facebook group, writing for my blog, or a simple Instagram post, I write and I speak of Him to those that will listen or read.

We see our gifts as one sided sometimes, and we don’t give ourselves enough credit. But once we stop to see the b