From coffee keeping me grounded to Jesus..

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

I remember waking up at midnight and getting the inspiration for the name of my first blog. I had toyed with clever ‘almost 30’ names but this night I woke up abruptly and knew exactly what I’d name my new project. I grabbed my phone and typed it in my notes, so I wouldn't forget in my sleepy haze.

Coffee Keeps Me Grounded.

Perfection. I owned a coffee shop with my husband at the time, and I knew that my love of coffee and the beginning of sharing my (messy) life would match perfectly with that name.

I was 29 with an okay marriage, a 4 year old, a business, and in the stages of rebuilding our home, after a massive wildfire turned it into memories. I was not a true believer. I believed more in the universe than the One who created it. I prayed to God and knew He had some part in my life, but I didn't know Jesus, and I most definitely did not have a relationship with either of them.

I was more interested in checking Instagram, than I was in checking scripture, and I was lost in my thoughts. I had words spinning in my heart and mind, and needed to get them off my chest and put onto “paper”. You see, I always knew I wanted to be a writer. I knew “the universe” had given me the gift of being able to express myself through words, so “I” thought it was a great idea to start a blog.

I look back now and see God’s hand so heavy on my life. Those thoughts weren’t mine! The idea wasn’t mine. The gift was from Him and only Him, and He planted it in me to write because He knew that one day my gift would show His glory. He knew that one day, I would open my eyes, my heart, and my soul to Him, and that this experience of a blog would help me grow. It would break me out of my shell, and it would connect me to the people that needed to read my words, His words. He also knew that blog would connect me to people I needed to meet in my life, and I’m so grateful for His work in a time when I didn't even know Who He was.