First Ticket Out

One thing I need today is vision. No scratch that, I have plenty of vision. I need direction. 

I’m feeling a bit scatter-brained and my legs are running fast to nowhere. Like I’m running on a track going around and around, and making progress with my mile count, but no head way in actually relocating to a new place. 


That word feels so out of reach right now. Like an elusive snow leopard that you know is out there, but only the real animal hunters will find it. Elusive snow leopards are spotted by people that know what to look for, that know where to find them, and that have the skill and know how of getting what they want. 

I am not there. No elusive snow leopard is in my future. No hunting down paw prints or using cool binoculars while my heart beats faster trying to chase down the catch. 

The only paw prints I’ve seen recently are those of my hairy dog and Blue Clues’ Birthday book. 

Awe, the thrill of the chase. 

That reminds me of a dream I’ve always wanted to accomplish. A bucket list item, is a better way of putting it. And since we are talking about vision and direction, I feel like it’s a good one to bring up.