Daughter, do you know..

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

My daughter, do you know that you are chosen? That you are a creation from the Ultimate Creator. That your Creator never makes a mistake, never has and never will. And that He did not make a mistake when it came to you.

Do you know that you are beautiful? That your outer appearance is stunning, but the knitted workings of your character, your heart, and your being are what make you extraordinary. That the light inside of you, your actions, and your words will always make you more beautiful than anything that you can wear or look like.

Do you know that everyone was made different and unique on purpose? Just like you were made on purpose and for a purpose, so was everyone else. That their hearts, their words, their appearance, their heritage may be different from yours, but you all came from the same Creator. You are all His masterpieces here on Earth.

Daughter, do you know that one day people will treat you differently because of the tone of your skin? Do you know that their reactions to you may benefit you, and some may crush you, but that you should never allow their viewpoint and standards to lower your own.

Daughter, you will be treated differently because of how you look and because you are a female. Your skin will not be light enough for some or dark enough for others. Some won't take your intelligence seriously and some will only want to talk to you because of your sex. But never, should you ever, allow their actions (good or bad) to determine your worth. Never allow them to lower your identity or become boxed in by their worldly views of who you should be.

Do you know that some people will never be taught to look past the outer shell of their neighbors and taught instead to look at the Spirit within? That they will never know that the same Spirit that rose from the dead, lives in them and inside of you?