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I love flowers. They fascinate me. They draw me in and give me an indescribable comfort. A joy that builds the moment I see them. Whether they are growing on the side of the road, in someone’s front yard, or a bouquet that’s given to me..there is a lure and a majestic sense they bring along with them.

Of course they are beautiful, but that’s just their obvious outward appearance. Their colors and their shapes are what peek our interest, but there’s much more to them.

They have texture, a delicacy, they are food, they are medicine, some are even poisonous, and of course they each have their own scent. They all give out their own uniqueness and vibrancy without ever knowing it.

They are (like we all are) God’s creation. A creation I am so grateful for. One with layers upon layers that we don’t consider when they are just on display on our counters.

If you were to ask me if I would rather have a flower garden or a vegetable garden, I bet you’d be surprised by my answer.

I am a foodie and have been known to out eat grown men. But if the ultimatum was given to me, I’d choose a flower garden over and over again. Maybe it’s the fantasy of laying in a meadow with vibrate flowers all around. Maybe it’s the relaxation they bring. Or maybe it’s deeper than that. I’m not entirely sure yet. But flowers call my name.

Maybe it’s because flowers aren’t worried about the sun or tomorrow. They don’t worry if they’ll get food, light, or water. God’s provides that for them. They don’t need to control their destiny or strive to be another flower. They just live content in where God planted them. And if they are cut to be on display, they flourish in a vase too. They don’t count down or hurry or wait. They simply, just are. They live out their God given plans with ease and purpose.

Flowers don’t know if they’re poisonous or if they’re food for a hummingbird. They just grow, bloom, and flourish. Never knowing what they look like, because there’s no mirrors in a flower’s life.

That’s the attraction I have to them. Flowers simply bloom no matter where they are. In a field, on the side of the road, or in a vase. They are beautiful, simple, but carry so much depth all in one. They are satisfied where God has placed them because they don’t know any other way but His. And if you truly sit still long enough to marvel in that, there’s a a true wonder and beauty in their being. They bloom and flourish for as long as God has granted them time.

Shouldn’t we all do that?

Bloom and flourish where God has planted us. Thrive in the time He so graciously has given. Be content in that, friend. Be joyful in the simple, in His presence, in His grace over your life. Be vibrate like the masterpiece you are, He wouldn’t want it any other way.


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